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Choice RV Insurance: Like Covering Part of the Family

At Choice Insurance Services, Warner Robins, Georgia, we understand that an RV can seem like part of the family. For many people, an RV serves as a home away from home for long stretches of the year. Maybe you’re retired and touring the country in your RV; maybe you use it for family vacations. Whatever the case, the time, money and memories you’ve invested make your RV extremely valuable. That’s why it needs the protection of comprehensive RV insurance from Choice Insurance.

Protect Your Investment with RV Coverage from Choice Insurance Services

Like any other significant investment, your RV needs protected against loss or damage arising from the unexpected. Working with our collection of insurance partners, Choice can find an RV insurance policy to suit your individual budget and circumstances.

What Does an RV Insurance Policy Cover?

Proper RV insurance offers many protections that are analogous to a sound auto insurance policy; however, because an RV is a vastly different vehicle type compared to a personal car or truck, good RV insurance offers coverages well above and beyond standard vehicle insurance.

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Campers & More

An RV policy can be used to cover a motorhome, a travel trailer, a truck or van camper—even a horse trailer.

Protect Yourself from Common Perils with RV Insurance

Typical RV insurance will provide protection against the most common risks, including fire storms, theft, and collision. The specific types of property covered can vary from one policy to the next, but most every policy will provide some degree of the following types of coverage.

RV Insurance Liability Coverage

Most RV policies provide bodily injury and property coverage for others who might be injured by your use of your RV.

RV Insurance Bodily Injury Coverage

Most policies also provide coverage for bodily injury to yourself as the RV owner and to your family or anyone else who rides in your RV.

RV Insurance Accident Coverage

Most RV policies also provide coverage for any damage to your RV caused by an accident.

RV Insurance Theft, Fire & Vandalism Coverage

Most RV insurance policies also provide coverage for theft, fire, vandalism, and other losses—even while the vehicle is in storage.

RV Insurance Emergency Roadside Assistance

Many policies also provide Emergency Roadside Assistance, so you won’t have to worry about being stranded should your RV suffer an unexpected breakdown while out on the road.

Discounted RV Insurance with Multiple Choice Insurance Policies

If you buy RV insurance through one of our major carriers, you may qualify for discounted rates if you hold other Choice policies. Whether you’re already an Choice customer or not, ask us about multi-policy discounts when you bundle RV insurance with other policies.

For a Free RV Insurance Quote, Call Choice Insurance

Wherever you may roam in your home on wheels, a comprehensive RV insurance policy from Choice Insurance Services will help keep you secured in coverage against any peril that crosses your way out on the highway. If you’re shopping for motorhome insurance in Warner Robins GA, we’d love to hear from you! As an independent insurance agency in Warner Robins Georgia, we partner with numerous RV insurance carriers. In other words, Choice agents, will do the shopping around for you!

We’ll answer all your questions about RV insurance to help you make informed coverage decisions. For a free RV insurance quote, call Choice Insurance today at 478-333-3375. For a free online RV insurance quote, just fill out the form on this page.

Choice Insurance: The Power to Choose.

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